Yes, it has terminologies, legal descriptions, and other valuable and useful information that will help you.

It pays for the instructor's time and all of your class materials, such as the manual and forms and other related material.

​Yes, you can come back at any time with no additional costs to any class for a refresher.

​Yes, we have a full section on Texas Land Legal Descriptions.

​Yes, we have a work shop on preparing these leases, going over the different clauses of a base lease form and the different requirements that may be added or taken away from that base lease. In addition, the manual has a complete tutorial regarding the different lease terms you'll encounter while leasing.

​The combined course test has 65 essay type questions along with working questions that deal with land legal descriptions, calculating working interest and net revenue and held by production. It is an open book test. All tests will take several hours to complete. It will be taken at home and you’ll email your completed test back to your instructor, afterwhich you will be emailed the correct answers. You will be responsible for grading your own test. Please note: the school reserves the right to grade or regrade any test submitted.

​Yes, we have the official AAPL Affidavit of Completion that we will provide to you to fill out and send in to the AAPL. We will provide them with your test scores and numbers of hours you attended the class.

​Yes, we provide you with a ‘Completion Certificate' that describes the number of hours of instruction signed by your instructor. This is handed out after you pass the test. We offer no certification of landman only a Completion Certificate.

​​No. However your instructor may make suggestions to assist you.

​​The class schedules and locations will be posted on the website.

​​Currently we are scheduling classes for Oklahoma and Texas, however we are in the process of preparing classes for Colorado, West Virginia, Mississippi, Illinois and Arkansas. However these courses are designed to be useful in any US state.

​​​Yes, you can pay only over the internet when you register for your class. Your credit card information will be secure and any information you put on the website will be held in confidence.